SOLAR Commercial


We have one of the best solar installer companies in the Northeast. They have installed 10kW up to 300kW systems, as well as 2 megawatt Solar Farms. We offer roof mount systems on flat roofs, ballast systems and ground & pole mounts. You can receive up to 30% Federal Income Tax Credit (Federal Tax Credit is based on income level and deduction status). Commerical projects: Depreciation: 85% (of the total system cost) over five years. Depending on your tax bracket your tax savings could be as high as 34% of the system cost. NYSERDA provides a credit of $.40 per Watt Commercial for the first 50kW and $.30 per Watt Commercial ranging from 50kW-200kW.

Campbell Avenue Storage, Troy, NY

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                      Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY

Special, totally inclosed system to withstand high wind speeds

      Photovoltaic System

Pennings Farm, Warwick, NY

One Energy Design/Built

Solar greenhouse with custom Solar Hot Water system plus heat recovery from the freezer compressor coil into the solar tanks, with special 5' screens in the roof bays that did not have solar collectors and all DC lighting and personal sensors for on/off in the bathrooms.  3 story Burger King, largest in the country.

       One Energy Design/Built

8 panel Solar Heat/Hot Water System

                    Glenville, NY

Solar PV Roof Mount System

 Golden Corral, Colonie, NY