Client Industries


Food and Beverage wholesalers and national food chains, pharmaceutical and medical supply storage, biological and botanical research facilities, heat-sensitive equipment storage, funerary storage, scientific research laboratories, high-tech industries that require controlled environments for product development, a broad range of NGO’s, American Red Cross, Red Crescent, FEMA, Homeland Security and the US Military.

In Conjunction With

Our first demo cooler uses 50% less energy than the standard units in the industry.

Retro Fit Unit

Breakthrough African Market

Temperature Controlled Warehouses

On Grid Unit-Net Zero

We developed the Zeroenergy Port-O-Kold Walk in Cooler/Freezer that is on the power grid Net Zero (using A.C. refrigeration equipment). By taking advantage of the abundant natural renewables; the sun, small wind, small hydro, and all other natural power sources, we are able to bring economic and environmental efficiency to new heights by effectively reducing the electric energy use of walk-in coolers and freezers to net zero. Our new invention will help reduce the load on the regional-national power grid. 

Off Grid Unit-Stationary/Portable

Our Off the Grid unit, we will use our D.C. components, that have been tested at our

partner companies, added with our unique battery storage units in an insulated chamber and smart controls to take it “Off the Grid.” To make it Zeroenergy.

Manhattan Beer Distributors

D. Bertoline & Sons

      Fishkill, NY

Automatic Sliding Doors Beer Cave

5 Door Display Walk-In

Walk-In Unit Keg Cooler with Sliding Door

Oliver's (Brew Crew) Beverage Center

                    Albany, NY