Off Grid Unit

Zeroenergy Off Grid Unit

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70% more effiecent portable Walk-in Cooler/Freezers that operates off grid, on renewable energy sources with DC components and energy  back up storage capabilitiesto makes it totally Zeroenergy.

On Grid Net Zero Unit

Zeroenergy On-Grid Units


70% more effiecent Walk-in Cooler/Freezer that opperates with energy efficient AC copmonents from renewable energy sources such as: solar power that are converted from DC power to AC through a ninverter that is connected to the power grid.  Net Zero cost for its opperation.


 Retro Fit Unit

Zeroenergy Retro Units


Walk-in Cooler/Freezers that reduces energy usage by 35%- 50%​ compared to other leading Walk in Coolers/Freezers manufactorers. This is achieved by doubling the insulating value of the box, adding a double air lock door, and using high effeincy components.

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