SOLAR Residential


We have one of the best solar installer companies in the Northeast. They have installed 5, 10 & 25 kW systems. You can receive up to 30% Federal Income Tax Credit & up to 25% (max $5,000) NYS Income Tax Credit. You will receive a $.60 per kW system NYSERDA rebate towards your PV system. Our Zeroenergy financing program offers a low 4.49% interest loan over 5 years, 5.49% over 10 years, 6.49% over 15 years & 7.10% over 20 years.* The collateral for the loan is the solar system (collectors, inverters, etc.).


Inverter from I.U.I (Inverter's Unlimited Inc.)

   Home of Greg & Nellie Goutos

Solar roof mount in Altamont, NY

3 bay Garage roof PV system

            Greenville, NY

6 kW Solar roof mount

      Queensbury, NY

CEO of Zeroenergy Building Inc., George Keleshian's NET ZERO home:

                                 SOLARVIEW ESTATES in Slingerlands, NY

LAYOUT. This is one of the first Zeroenergy structures that won the International Solar Energy Society Awards

Inter-module connection details

Grounding details

Completed Solar Roof Mount System

Passive Solar Greenhouse (outside)

INVERTER: From the street, connected to the main meter, attached to the breaker box, connected to the net meter & the inverter connected with the solar system

Passive Solar Greenhouse (inside); Plants like the Spider & Chinese Bee plants absorb Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Trichloride

Solar Hot Water System

      Slingerlands, NY

4.8 kW Pole Mount Solar PV System

                 Greenville, NY

Ground Mount System; Solar PV Collectors

Front: George Keleshian, CEO Zeroenergy Building Inc.

Back right: Dr. Suresh Bhate of I.U.I

Back left: Terry Way, Architect for Solarview Estates