Zeroenergy Building Inc.

Our Commitment:

Zeroenergy Building Inc. has over half a century of experience and is comprised of 10 American companies that specialize in alternate and renewable energy manufacturing products, engineering, architecture, research, invention and consultation. Our group was formed to develop and protect new alternate energy and innovative environmental technologies to enhance the quality of life for all people around the world. It is the goal of the group to bring forth these new sustainable energies and environmentally sound technologies in order to reduce our dependency on all fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) and nuclear power. We also intend to help companies and people alike decrease their carbon foot print on our planet, slowing down global warming and enable our clients to make a paradigm shift in the way we use our resources on earth.

What We Can Offer Our Customers:

Zeroenergy Building Inc. creates energy independence in commercial and residential buildings using revolutionary design concepts for conservation, recovery and fuel-less power systems. Our customers have 3 options, all with excellent Return On Investments (ROI's):

     1. Fully off-the-grid, commercial, walk-in coolers/freezers, CA/CT Rooms, Small research/security                               buildings and mobile Zeroenergy homes (ROI= 7-10 yrs.)
     2. On-grid with Net-Zero power use with Federal, State and Power company tax rebates (ROI= 4-5 yrs.)
     3. 50% more advanced than gold-rated LEED* designed or Energy Star buildings (ROI= 3-4 yrs.)

From the highest  conservation standpoint, we have the highest thermal encapsulation, insulation R value and  stop the convection, conduction an moisture permeation stoppage in our structures at the highest value.  

*LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environment Design is a green building certification program from the United States Green Building Council.It certifies best green building strategies and practices.

DeCrescente Distributing Co., Mechanicville, NY

 Design/Built by One Energy/Raymore Panel

Volney Town Hall Fulton, NY

Super insulated Zerothermic structure with heat and cool sinks - passive solar design.

Agway Research Center - Zeroenergy Building

           SO-2 - Solardyne Hot Water System

One Energy Design Built Project

Arbor Hill Church of God and Christ

Halfmoon Town Hall, Halfmoon, NY - Natural Ice Production System


Stainless Steel towers with fins that are filled with sulfur dioxide that runs below the frost line to large, thousand gallon concrete tanks which are insulated on all 6 sides by freezer panels. The tanks are filled with water and during the winter, ice is naturally produced. In summer months, the ice is used for air conditioning.

Halfmoon Town Hall, Halfmoon, NY

    Solardyne Hot Water Collector

           Passive Solar System

SO-2 Sulfur dioxide solar heating collectors (left) – Takes the liquid sulfur that’s in the closed loop system when the sun during the winter is absorbed by the black copper fins and tubes. The tubes are filled with sulfur dioxide which turns the liquid into gas and delivers it to the heat sink, with non-organic matter, clean fill.

SO-2 Ice production systems on the far left and right, solar air collector’s on the whole southern wall. Solar hot water collectors in the center. Snow stays right up to the building walls and roof panels, showing that heat does not escape the building.

     One Energy & A&R DeThomasis Construction

Albany Nazerene Church Energy Efficient (Now Albany Baptist Church)

Thermal encapsulated structure, 75% less BTUs than LEED* building structures.

     Net Zero Solar Home

Zeroenergy Design & Built

Click the link below to watch how George Keleshian, CEO of Zeroenergy Building Inc. took his home to Net Zero